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Dec 2019:  Tein Malone endows a $25,000 diversity-based scholarship to University of Miami Law School!

Nov 2019:  Tein Malone files federal race-discrimination suit against Florida private prison operators for using a noose and threatening lock one of our clients up with prisoners to “beat the sh*t out of” her.  Click here to read the lawsuit. 

Oct 2019:  Tein Malone defends Honduran president's brother in New York federal court.  Closing arguments:  ABC News.

Be ethical:
  • Florida Supreme Court permanently disbars an opposing lawyer for filing fraudulent allegations against Michael Tein.

  • Florida Bar files ethics charges against a third opposing counsel for frivolous perjury allegations against Michael Tein and false statements to the Court of Appeals.

For three and a half years Omar Malone battled for Floyd Facey against the United States Attorney's Office in Miami, trying to convince them that Facey was not a member of an international conspiracy.

  • After fighting extradition for three years in a foreign jail, and spending six months in Miami's Federal Detention Center awaiting trial, Facey had all charges against him dismissed by the United States Attorney for the Southern District of Florida, just five days before trial was scheduled to begin. Another huge victory for Omar. 

  • Click here to view the judge's order.

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